Dan  Eisenberg, MD
  • Associate Professor of Surgery
  • Stanford Medical School and Palo Alto VA
  • Palo Alto, CA USA


Dr. Eisenberg is Associate Professor of Surgery at Stanford School of Medicine and Director of Bariatric Surgery at the VA Palo Alto Health Care System.

His main area of clinical and research interest is in the impact of obesity and the outcomes of metabolic and bariatric surgery in special populations. As a surgeon at the Palo Alto Veterans Hospital, he a a specific interested in the outcomes of Veterans with obesity, and the surgical impact of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (MBS) on this population. Studying patient and system factors that determine disease severity and surgical outcomes has led to investigation of populations with a significant burden of co-morbidity, as well as challenging social, economic, and geographic circumstances. In addition, he is currently studying the impact of obesity on veterans with spinal cord injury, with a goal to identify gaps in assessment and management of obesity in this special population.

In addition, Dr. Eisenberg has been a member of the Clinical Issues Committee of ASMBS since 2014, served as co-Chair, and currently serves as its Chair.