Influential studies in metabolic and bariatric surgery that have been recently published will be presented and discussed by experts in the field.

Learning Objectives:

1) To be familiar with important recent papers in the field of metabolic and bariatric surgery.

2) To learn the salient findings of each study that have the potential to impact the understanding and/or practice of metabolic and bariatric surgery.

3) To understand the limitations of studies and the gap in knowledge that will direct future study.

1:15pm Introduction
Dan Eisenberg, MD
1:18pm Tirzepatide Once Weekly for the Treatment of Obesity.
Holly Lofton, MD
1:38pm Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty for treatment of class 1 and 2 obesity (MERIT): a prospective, multicentre, randomised trial
John Scott, MD
1:58pm Association of Bariatric Surgery and Risk of Cancer in Patients with Morbid Obesity.
Matthew Brengman, MD MSHA
2:17pm Effect of laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy vs Roux-en-Y gastric bypass on weight loss, comorbidities, and reflux at 10 years in adult patients with obesity. The SLEEVEPASS randomized clinical trial
John Carter, MD
2:36pm Effect of Bariatric Surgery on Risk of Complications After Total Knee Arthroplasty. A Randomized Clinical Trial.
Monique Hassan, MD MBA FACS FASMBS
2:55pm Comparison of Sleeve Gastrectomy vs Intensive Lifestyle Modification in Patients with a BMI of 30 to Less Than 35.
Mona Misra, MD
3:15pm Break
3:45pm Comparison of Ambulatory Health Care Costs and Use Associated with Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass vs Sleeve Gastrectomy.
Joseph Northup, MD
4:07pm Length of Biliopancreatic Limb in Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass and its Impact on Post-Operative Outcomes in Metabolic and Obesity Surgery – Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.
Rich Peterson, MD
4:29pm Ten-year outcomes of children and adolescents who underwent sleeve gastrectomy: weight loss, comorbidity resolution, adverse events, and growth velocity.
Colleen Kennedy, MD MBA FASMBS
4:52pm Outcomes of bariatric surgery in patients with left ventricular assist device.
Stacy Brethauer, MD MBA
5:15pm Adjourn