Create the ideal perioperative pathway for your patients and interdisciplinary team by optimizing the patient recovery and experience, all the way from the operating room to their discharge – from the OR to the car. Hear from the experts on hot topics – outpatient surgery, difficult situations, and unique accomplishments.

Learning Objectives

  1. Define pros and cons of same-day metabolic and bariatric surgery.
  2. Investigate the toughest patient care situations and weigh in how you would manage them.
  3. Design a creative addition to your MBS program after hearing examples of unique and creative accomplishments.

1:15pm Debate: Outpatient Surgery - pros and cons
Pam Davis, RN CBN MBA; Connie Klein, CBN CRNP
1:35pm Patient education - pass before you dash Share your periop education: Exercise and Patient Experience
Pam Davis, RN CBN MBA; Jessica Crandall-Snyder, RD; Tiffany Willis, RN; Melissa Majumdar, MS RD CSOWM LDN
2:30pm Debate: In-Person versus Virtual Visits - Which has the Lowest No-Show Rate and the Highest Engagement?
Nate Sann, MSN FNP-BC; Leslie Heinberg, PhD
3:15pm Break
3:45pm Difficult Cases Presentation: What would you do?
Nate Sann, MSN FNP-BC; Stephanie Sogg, PhD; Sarah Horn, LD MS RD
5:15pm Adjourn