Long-term patient engagement and follow-up can be some of the biggest challenges of our MBS programs. This expert panel shares evidence based opinions and practice applications on revisions, conversions, and medical management, along with the extras that keep the patients coming back.

Learning Objectives

  1. Define the ideal care plan – revision, conversion, and/or medical management – for your patient.
  2. State three ways to engage your patients in uncharted ways.
  3. Identify one new way to elevate your program, from partnering to PCPs and taking care of the team.

1:00pm Revisions, Conversions, and Medical Management
Pam Davis, RN CBN MBA; Nate Sann, MSN FNP-BC
1:30pm Patient Engagement Panel: Support Groups, Addressing Weight-Related Anxiety, Physical Activity, and Patient Involvement
Stephanie Sogg, PhD; Jessica Crandall-Snyder, RD; Pam Davis, RN CBN MBA
2:15pm Partnering with the PCP
Pam Davis, RN CBN MBA
2:27pm Body Composition: The Research versus The Practicality
Sue Benson-Davies, PhD DCN MPH RDN LN FAND
2:47pm Mental Health Check-ins: for us or patients?
Leslie Heinberg, PhD
3:00pm Adjourn