Metabolic and bariatric surgery experts debate and discuss the difference between optimizing our patients for surgery versus "clearing" them. How do we balance our bottom line while helping our patients reach their ideal state? Discuss the ins and outs of preoperative diets, group visits, telehealth, and managing the yellow flag patients in this course.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify opportunities to optimize a patient’s health and wellbeing before metabolic and bariatric surgery.

  2. Define benefits to group and telehealth visits.

  3. Examine the management of "yellow flag" situations, balancing the risk-benefit of each real-life situation.

9:15am Welcome
Melissa Majumdar, MS RD CSOWM LDN
9:20am Do we need a pre-op diet?
Mary Gray Hixson, MPH RD CSOWM LDN; Jessica Crandall-Snyder, RD
9:40am Shared Visits, Group Visits, and Individual Visits - Oh my!
Connie Klein, CBN CRNP; Pam Davis, RN CBN MBA
10:00am Discussion: Clearance is a Bad Word
Stephanie Sogg, PhD; Tiffany Willis, RN
10:20am Panel Discussion: Optimization vs. Clearance - balancing your best candidate with your bot
Mary Gray Hixson, MPH RD CSOWM LDN; Connie Klein, CBN CRNP; Pam Davis, RN CBN MBA; Stephanie Sogg, PhD
11:20am Case Study: Yellow Flag Patients Panelists: All Presenters
12:15pm Adjourn