Comprehensive introduction to the technical pearls of a well done OAGB including common complications and their treatment from a panel of experienced national and international surgeons.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Consider a pathway to incorporate OAGB into their practice

  2. Discuss the most current published data on OAGB outcomes and long term results which resulted in ASMBS approval of the procedure

  3. Identify and manage complications resulting from the OAGB operation

  4. Understand the numerous retrospective publications and the outcome trends for OAGB which are currently in the literature.

1:00pm Review of the OAGB Outcomes data that led to ASMBS approval
Dan Eisenberg, MD
1:15pm What is going on in North Carolina.Thoughts on Insurance Coverage and OAGB approvals
Thomas Walsh , MD
1:30pm Technical aspects of a successful primary OAGB procedure. Pearls and best practices
Helmuth Billy, MD
1:45pm Lessons to be learned after a 3000 case OAGB expereince. Complications, How they happen and how to manage them.
Mohit Bhandari, MD
2:00pm Incorporating OAGB in my American practice. My thoughts and outcomes as an early adopter.
Michael Snyder, MD
2:15pm The value of retrospective OAGB studies and the trends we can learn about outcomes and results
Abdelrahman Nimeri, MD
2:30pm My experience with OAGB. Are complications worth the risk of adopting OAGB.
Onur Kutlu, MD
2:45pm Question and Answer
3:00pm Adjourn